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Very friendly and very honest from what I can tell. I would say they have really good customer service and pretty fast turnaround times for the work they need to do. Even if your car is not Toyota I would tell you to come here because I feel as if they can be trusted.

Facundo Rodriguez

4 months ago

I really like the business, all the staff is friendly. Lots of comfy places to wait. You can even have coffee & watch tv!!

faye hamilton

5 months ago

I mainly use the Service department... Although, I guess that's the same for everyone. You buy it least a car once in however many years, then you keep coming back for the oil changes. So maybe the service department of the most important department there is! There's been a lot of turnover in staffing over the past few years. Some have been excellent, others I don't miss, but I do worry that there something going on to create the turnover. Individually, everyone treats me well, it's the overall vibe that has changed.

Christopher Newell

8 months ago

Had the best car buying experience at Truro Toyota! Matt went above and beyond to make sure I got exactly what I wanted. He was not pushy at all and just wanted to make sure we were happy with our purchase.


a year ago

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