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Toyota Concepts - 2021 Toyota Mirai Review

Toyota Concepts - 2021 Toyota Mirai Review


Toyota recently unveiled the newly redesigned Mirai and at first glance, you can tell the Japanese auto manufacturers made some major changes to the new generation muscle car. The 2021 model features a newly redesigned exterior, interior, and powertrain. The new changes make this car more impressive than ever before. So far, the new Mirai is still in the concept stage. However, when it is finally released next year, there is no doubt that this faster, safer, and more powerful version will be one of the most popular sports cars in its class.


There first-generation Mirai, which debuted in 2015, quickly garnered attention from all over the world for being the first hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicle on the market. This year, Toyota has taken that same hydrogen fuel-cell technology and enhanced it to give it a much better range. The new Mirai is expected to travel around 643 kilometres on a single charge.


Another new feature that the new Mirai will have is that it will no longer have the front-wheel-drive platform. Instead, the car will be built on a rear-wheel-drive system which will help to give it a new design by allowing the body to be built longer, wider, and set lower to the ground.


Toyota Canada new Mirai, Monday, March 2, 2020 at the Salon de l'auto de Quebec, in Quebec City. THE CANADIAN IMAGES/Jacques Boissinot


The exterior's wider design gives it a more aggressive and bolder look, while its sleek curves give it an elegant feel. The Mirai will also feature a new electrifying blue colour that adds even more personality to the car.


The wider body style also allows for a more spacious interior. The 2021 Mirai is expected to seat up to five passengers comfortably. The rest of the cabin has the same luxurious and elegant look that the exterior has. This powerful car will also feature a large 12.3-inch colour touchscreen infotainment display that is equipped with a navigation system and a high-quality 14-speaker sound system.


The new generation Toyota Mirai is expected to be one of the most exciting new cars available in 2021. Its exact release date has not been set yet. However, when it finally is available for sale, there will be no doubt that dealerships will have a hard time keeping them in stock in their lots.

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