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2017 Toyota RAV4 vs 2017 Ford Escape

Choosing a utility vehicle can be a difficult decision, especially with so many different models out in the market. The competition is steep between the 2017 Toyota RAV4 vs 2017 Ford Escape. Similar in body style, performance, and versatility, it can seem as if they are equal. However, the 2017 Toyota RAV4 beats the 2017 Ford Escape, and we’ll show you why. A side-by-side comparison can be a useful tool when thinking about which model will suit your needs the best. Don’t let appearances fool you, we’re going to put the Toyota RAV4 and the 2017 Ford Escape to the test.

The 2017 Toyota RAV4 is an adventure in a vehicle. For this new year’s iteration, Toyota has made exciting advances in in-cabin technology. Like a 4.2 inch TFT Multi-information Display, a 6.1 inch Touchscreen Display Audio System, and steering wheel mounted audio and Bluetooth® controls. And that’s just on the base model. Aside from interior technology, Toyota has placed some impressive safety features into the new RAV4’s design. It has Toyota’s Star Safety System so you can feel confident on the road or off it. Versatility is this utility vehicle's middle name. It has amazing cargo space, but also features 60/40 split-folding and reclining second-row seats so you can store more. The 2017 Toyota RAV4 is the ultimate adventure vehicle.

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2017 Toyota RAV4 vs 2017 Ford Escape
6 Trim Levels 3
5 Passenger Capacity 5
2.5 Litre Engine 2.5 Litre
10/7.8 Fuel Economy (City/Hwy) (L/100km) 10.6/8.0

2017 Toyota RAV4 vs 2017 Ford Escape Key Differences

One of the main differences between these two models is the offer of trim levels. The 2017 RAV4 has 6 different trim levels so you can be sure to get the value you want for the features you need. The 2017 Ford Escape only offers 3 options, limiting your choices and customizability.

And speaking of versatility, the RAV4’s rear liftgate opens wide to reveal 1,090L of cargo capacity, and up to 2,080L when the rear seats are folded down, letting you store everything you need for your trip with deck hooks to help keep it all in place. In comparison, behind the second row of the Escape, you can only get 964L of cargo space. And with the second row folded down, you get 1923.6L. This is better, but no match for the RAV4’s capacity.

Another area in which they differ is fuel economy. The RAV4 is capable of 10.0/7.8 (city/hwy) (L/100km), whereas the Escape gets 10.6/8.0 (city/hwy) (L/100km). This is not the hugest difference, but every litre counts and the RAV4 will definitely help you stop less at the pump than its competitor.

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