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2017 Toyota Corolla vs. 2017 Honda Civic

The Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic have been two compact car stalwarts for the last few decades as both cars go back almost 40 years. Both are similar automobiles, often coming in sedan form with five-passenger seating and typically mirroring styles. The 2017 Corolla and 2017 Civic are, again, both similar vehicles but with a few important distinctions. While the new generation of Civics have a sportier exterior look, the 2017 Corolla comes with multiple standard features that either aren’t offered on the 2017 Civic or are only offered on higher trim levels.

For starters, the 2017 Toyota Corolla L CVT, the most basic trim level, comes in with a less expensive MSRP price compared to the 2017 Civic LX at $18,500 versus $18,740. As is usually the case, both cars are excellent in terms of fuel efficiency, and this year both average 32 mpg combined city and highway. Both the 2017 Corolla and 2017 Civic offer excellent value at their given prices, but with a lower MSRP, more safety features and the same fuel efficiency, the 2017 Corolla looks to offer more substance for a lower price.

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2017 Toyota Corolla versus 2017 Honda Civic
$18,500 MSRP $18,740
32 MPG Fuel Efficiency 32 MPG
41.4 Rear Seat Leg Room (in) 37.4
13.2 Fuel Tank Capacity (gal) 12.4

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The 2017 Toyota Corolla simply offers more features that come standard than the comparable trim level of the 2017 Civic. Coming standard on the Corolla LE this year are voice-activated controls, front-knee airbags, seatback storage and a rear split folding bench seat. None of these options are offered on the Civic LX sedan, and the Corolla LE also comes in at a lower MSRP of $19,600 compared to the Civic LX’s $20,275.

The 2017 Corolla is offered in 7 different trim levels - L, LE, LE Eco, XLE, SE, XSE and a 50th anniversary special edition. For those looking to personalize their 2017 Corolla even further, 10 different color options are available.

The 2017 Civic, meanwhile, offers 5 different trim levels - LX, EX, EX-T, EX-L and Touring. The 2017 Corolla bests the Civic again in terms of color options, as the Civic offers 9 colors for 2017.

The 2017 Toyota Corolla and 2017 Honda Civic are two more strong entries into the two companies’ legendary compact car classes. Both are once again relatively similar vehicles, but the 2017 Corolla offers more personalization options and standard features at a slightly lower MSRP than the 2017 Civic, making it another go-to model for Toyota this year.

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